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About Us


About Us



We discover and execute transformations by bringing a diverse skill set with impressive experiences in creative & technology solutions. We deliver the simplest and the fittest solution for even the most complicated business problems.


We combine your expectations & imaginations with our expertise to help you succeed on creating an immersive and a unique digital experience to enhance your business value.

  • Website Development

    Website Development

    Assisting your business to evolve your approach on showcasing your brand to prospective customers with an immersive & user-friendly website design & architecture.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Mobile Application Development

    Ease of access and optimized for hand-interaction are what the consumers searching for. Mobile Application has provided a lot of utilities for consumers from its functions and convenience.

  • Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality

    Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality

    Cover up the bridge between physical and digital accessibility combined with creativity within. Augmented Reality is the beta version of metaverse that possibly uprise as the new method of digital interaction.

  • Managed-service


    Avoid business risks by reducing significant amount of resources. Negate risks by monitoring the development continuously. Managed-service provides security for your business. You will have no worries about support activities within your business. It's all in safe hands.

  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

    Cut down human errors, make it more efficient for your business operations. Internet of Things enables your business to enhance your business operations significantly and autonomously.


  • Singgalang HS
  • Dancow
  • Faxtor
  • Kapalasar
  • Lo.Co
  • Realfood
  • Sabha
  • Semesta Akademi
  • Talentsights


Singgalang HS - RFID Inventory Management System

In managing the inventory of jewelry store products, it is necessary to collect data from incoming goods from suppliers to goods sold by customers.

Singgalang HS - RFID Inventory Management System

Dancow Fortigro - Virtual Reality Development

In promoting the latest product of Dancow, Dancow needs a campaign for all children in the form of Virtual Reality which can be accessed through the Dancow Website and consists of 4 Series with various themes to enhance the user experience with interactive technology such as Virtual Reality.

Dancow Fortigro - Virtual Reality Development

Semesta Akademi - Website Design Revamp

Semesta Akademi is an online course platform that provides various teaching fields. Semesta Akademi needs the website as a course platform that Semesta Akademi will use. In addition, as a promotional medium for visitors who visit the Semesta Akademi's website.

Semesta Akademi - Website Design Revamp - E-Commerce Website

To fulfill Kapalasar users's demand that spread across Indonesia, Kapalasar realized that website is the most accessible platform for Kapalasar's users. - E-Commerce Website

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