As Indonesia have plenty of races in different places, Indonesia does have many different kind of consumer behavior. It's Lo.Co realized that Bandung's coffee shop consumer behavior was different. Hence why, they want a customized order management and also point of sales system.

To create a comprehensive and user-friendly order management and point of sales system to cover up It's Lo.Co operations on providing excellent services for their beloved customers inside of It's Lo.Co outlet or outside of it.

Technology Stacks :


Dancow Fortigro - Virtual Reality Development

In promoting the latest product of Dancow, Dancow needs a campaign for all children in the form of Virtual Reality which can be accessed through the Dancow Website and consists of 4 Series with various themes to enhance the user experience with interactive technology such as Virtual Reality.

Dancow Fortigro - Virtual Reality Development

Talentsights - VPA & EMX Web-based Human Resource Assessment Development

A company has to know the capability, the quality and the potential of its employee. Thus, Talentsights wanted to assist companies by providing a solution in the form of a website-based application where companies can create a selection in the form of assessments for employees who will be promoted and simultaneously helps HR in assessing the quality of their employees.

Talentsights - VPA & EMX Web-based Human Resource Assessment Development

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