Realfood as one of the top food manufacturer brands in Indonesia realized that they have a diverse customers. In order to optimize the diversity of Realfood's customers, Realfood wants to create an interactive way optimized with technology that Realfood's users ubiquitously used.

Realfood wants to engage with the users by the most unique and most-accessible way possible. Complemented with user-centric design and immersive technology development.

Technology Stacks:


Singgalang HS - RFID Inventory Management System

In managing the inventory of jewelry store products, it is necessary to collect data from incoming goods from suppliers to goods sold by customers.

Singgalang HS - RFID Inventory Management System

Dancow Fortigro - Virtual Reality Development

In promoting the latest product of Dancow, Dancow needs a campaign for all children in the form of Virtual Reality which can be accessed through the Dancow Website and consists of 4 Series with various themes to enhance the user experience with interactive technology such as Virtual Reality.

Dancow Fortigro - Virtual Reality Development

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