Semesta Akademi is an online course platform that provides various teaching fields. Semesta Akademi needs the website as a course platform that Semesta Akademi will use. In addition, as a promotional medium for visitors who visit the Semesta Akademi's website.


Re-crafting the website design that Semesta Akademi has built into something that can match with Semesta Akademi's user behavior. As per UI/UX Theorem, we were also crafted the fittest design to fulfill Semesta Akademi's users appetite on visiting Semesta Akademi's website as a course platform.

Tech Stacks:


Talentsights - VPA & EMX Web-based Human Resource Assessment Development

A company has to know the capability, the quality and the potential of its employee. Thus, Talentsights wanted to assist companies by providing a solution in the form of a website-based application where companies can create a selection in the form of assessments for employees who will be promoted and simultaneously helps HR in assessing the quality of their employees.

Talentsights - VPA & EMX Web-based Human Resource Assessment Development - Instagram Gamification Filter

As growing startup as it be, or we can call them Astro, has been a wonder startup with its immersive solution for Astro's users. The emerging number of users had notified Astro to engage more with them. As Astro wants to fulfill it but with unique ways of thinking. - Instagram Gamification Filter

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