Get to know Augmented Reality and its application to social media filter

You must have tried or seen people using features in social media posts such as wearing hats, face painting, puppy ears, giving you attribute sunglasses or simply suddenly being in a sports car while relaxing at home.


Social media filter on Instagram


Augmented Reality or AR is one of the many technological developments that add virtual objects to the real world or change an object using graphics. One of the ways we can apply AR technology is with a social media platform, by creating an AR Filter on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or Facebook


“In short, AR is a technology that combines digital content, either 2D or 3D into the real world through certain media”


The application of AR technology that we currently experience and maybe we don’t realize is Filters in social media such as Instagram filters, Facebook filters, etc. Currently, there are more than 200 million social media users who use AR technology every day in their uploaded content on various social media.


AR filters as a marketing tool

The use of AR for filters on social media attracts the attention of various actors, both individuals, brands and governments who want to promote their products and services to the audience. AR Filter is also proclaimed to be a future in social media marketing, because the main concept in AR Filters on social media is to form an interactive experience that audiences can see, use, record and upload on their social media to be shown to their followers and does not require regular fees.


AR filter becomes a “bridge” that can connect brand, business or any actors with an audience or followers.


To build brand awareness to engage with the audience is also one of the reasons why AR Filters are an important tool in marketing on social media because there is a Multiplying effect of share-ability.


  1. Multiplying effect of share-ability


When Audience uses and shares AR filters on social media, this will introduce your brand, name or company to their followers. This multiplying effect of share-ability pattern starts with one follower using and sharing a filter, and their followers sharing the filter with their followers which will continue until many people see the name, brand, event or campaign that you want to pick up.


2. Availability of Traceable Metrics for AR Filters



The existence of tools that can help marketers to be able to measure and make reports on their AR Filters will help stakeholders to find out whether they are working as we want or not.


Application of AR Filters in Social Media


One of the applications that PLABS.ID has implemented is in 2022 helping in the development of a business on the Instagram platform with the @Astronauts.id account for the creation of an AR filter with the name “Astro Challenge” which has the concept of Game Filters. Game Filters are one of the attractive options for various business sectors to be able to compete competitively today.



Concept that you can implement for gamification filters is with a “Eat” or “Fall” game, which requires the user to catch a falling object or eat it with his mouth. The use of filters in this way will attract followers or audience interactions to contribute and experience new experiences and can share shares on their accounts directly.


Currently, AR Filters are the right solution that can be used to help businesses introduce, educate or achieve various needs.





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